Había una vez una estrella brillar vivió en el cielo pero quería vivir en el mundo por poco tiempo.

Once upon a time there was a Starshine who lived in the sky but she wanted to live in the world for a little while.

Starshines are magical and they shine compassion and happiness everywhere they go. But they can’t stay for long. They have to brighten everywhere they go with compassion and once they’ve made that place better they have to move on to the next place.

This Starshine fell to the world from the sky. She met much sadness and fear and the people she met hurt her. She’s the only Starshine with scars.

This Starshine lost her shine for a little while and she forgot her magic. The light of safety and joy and kindness in her heart was almost extinguished and replaced with the coldness of fear and despair.

Don’t worry. This isn’t the end of the story. The Starshine recovered her light and now she is brighter than ever. It takes strength to be compassionate and kind and full of joy when the world hurts you and does terrible things to you. It takes strength to keep an innocence and joie de virve when people have been monsters to you.

The Starshine would often find herself drawn back to the monsters and the bad things because that’s the first people she ever met in this world. But don’t worry. This Starshine is strong and no one can destroy her. And she’s making every place she goes and every person she meets more compassionate and more joyful and fantastical than when she met them.

And soon it will be time for her to return to the sky and the land where the Starshines live. And she will finally be able to rest her tired light and never feel afraid again.

flying tiger

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to be a flying tiger. So she learned the magic of Transformation and turned herself into one. She never wanted to be a puny human girl again, so she remained a flying tiger for all of her days. She had many adventures, and this story is about one of them.

You see, in this time, the world wasn’t the nicest place to live. At least, most of it. And the flying tiger girl heard of one village in particular beset by a vicious Dragon who kidnapped village girls and locked them away in towers. Well, having a soft spot in her heart for girls in trouble, the flying tiger immediately set out to confront this wicked Dragon.

“Dragon,” she said when she encountered the fearsome creature. He was nearly a thousand times the size of her, with a red body and black wings and fiery breath. But still, she figured, instead of sneak-attacking him and murdering him in his sleep, she would give him a chance to explain himself. “Dragon, why are you taking the village girls and locking them away in towers?”

“Well,” said the Dragon. “I give the villagers a choice of who they wish to sacrifice to me. They give me their unwanted girls, the orphans, or the extra children. Always girls. They’re less valuable, you see. And then I lock them away in towers and call them princesses. And then princes will arrive to bring me gold and jewels to buy them with. It’s a great business, actually.”

The flying tiger girl was utterly disgusted with this of course. She didn’t think any girl should be bought or sold, but free to live her own life and make her own choices.

So she destroyed the Dragon in an epic battle which I will spare you the gory details about. She didn’t actually kill the Dragon. She used her powers of Transformation to turn the Dragon into a little Butterfly.

And then the flying tiger girl traveled to every village to the ground that sold its girls to Dragons. And the flying tiger Transformed all the princes who thought they could buy girls with gold and jewels. She Transformed all of the princes into little butterflies, flying around. She used Transformation to turn the villages into gardens and oases and safe spaces.

And then she went to all the Towers where the girls were locked away and she freed them. And she brought them to a magical, enchanted island and gave them a big house to live in. And they could choose to stay there, or to leave, or to weave flying carpets to sell at the market. Or get married to a prince or a dragon. Or to go have adventures of their own and defeat goblins and ogres and trolls. Or live a quiet life on the island for all of their days.

And then she went on to have other adventures, which I will tell you all about in time.

The End.