Learning adventures.

I am learning the violin. I’ve been learning off and on for a long time, but I haven’t had a violin in my life for almost a year. I just got this one, and I’m saving up for a little bit better one.

I am slowly investing time and money into all these things I want to learn and do. It’s hard. If I had all the money I’d do it all. But I’m saving for a better place to live. Hawaii living situations are ridiculous. And once I have a better spot I’ll have more freedom to practice violin more often.

Everything’s expensive. Rent and deposit, $2000-$3000. Yoga year, $1000. A new violin, $1000. Violin lessons, $400 a month.

For now I’m practicing when no one else is at my house, and in every spare moment.

I went to the violin shop that I’m in love with today and spoke to Nicholas, the owner. I asked him to put tape on my violin because I’m having a lot of trouble learning third and fourth position.

He said to me, “This is a violin. This isn’t a guitar or a ukulele. You want fret boards, play them.” And he handed me my violin and said, “You can hear it. Play it.”

And I started trying to play third position. And the first note I hit perfectly. But that’s the easy note, it starts with your index finger where your ring finger goes in first position. It’s the D note. And then I played E which I hit perfectly because it’s the same sound as the open E string. And then I tried to play F natural, and it was wrong. So I just adjusted, played it again and hit it perfectly. And then F sharp, and G.

“You see? You can hear it. You make a mistake, you hear it, you fix it. This is how you learn.”

I wish he gave lessons because he’s my favorite.


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