Compassion is how we fight.

I went to Maui this past weekend, and I hugged a rainbow tree. I also swam in the ocean, saw Kaho’olawe, Lana’i, and Moloka’i from a distance. I saw the Haleakala volcano and traveled a bit of the Road to Hana. I saw the cliffs and blowhole at Nakalele.

Travel can be very healing, and even though Maui is so close to Oahu it was an adventure and gave me time to process my reaction to the presidential election.

I believe in compassion. I want to live my life guided by compassion, and treating everyone I meet with compassion.

I reacted to the election with fear. And I lost myself in that fear for a while there. I let fear determine my decisions and define me. And fear and compassion cannot occupy the same space.

I cannot fight fear and hate with fear. I can only fight it with compassion.

Hate cannot dispel hate, only love can do that.

I will donate every month to causes I believe in. I will volunteer for causes I believe in. I will use my voice and work every day to make this world a more compassionate place. I will do at least one kind act every single day. And I will help everyone I have the ability to help.

I am not on a hunger strike any longer. I was only hurting myself and not helping anyone else, and it made me weak and tired and it kept me fearful.

I am going to stay determined, stay compassionate, and stay fantastical. Yay life!


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