Magic adventure girl.

I’m known to wander cemeteries.

Oldest bar in America.


Atlanta Aquarium.

Appalachian mountains.


Diagon Alley, Harry Potter World-land.

Lotus Temple, India.

Himalayan mountains.

Tibetan Buddhist mantra of compassion.

L’appel de vide. The call of the void. The urge to jump from high places, off cliffs and out of planes. To fall from the sky.

Abandoned Six Flags outside New Orleans.

Meeting Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Seeing Of Monsters and Men, among many other bands, live at Boston Calling.

New Hampshire adventures.

Niagara Falls.

Boulder, Colorado.

Blue whale skeleton.

Boston Museum of Science.

Providence Waterfire.

Portland, Maine lighthouse.

Oldest cemetery in America.

The grave of a reported vampire girl.

New York City.

Lady Liberty.

NYC skyline.

New Orleans graveyard.

I wander, but I’m not lost. I’m not broken. And the adventure’s just beginning.