New beginnings.


Today is a new beginning, a fresh start, a blank page.

I get another fresh start. I’m back in New Orleans after near a year in New York City. New Orleans is an enchanted city, full of magic, mystery, and charm.

When I first arrived here to visit, back in 2011, I wandered through St. Louis #1. It’s one of my favorite graveyards still. Not as enchanting as Lafayette Cemetery, and no trees, but it feels more haunted. I did the cliche thing and marked three X’s on a vodou queen’s grave, making a wish to return to New Orleans to live one day.

My wish came true. But I made it happen, it wasn’t vodou magic. When you want to achieve something, you can. It isn’t that hard. It doesn’t take magic, other than your own ambition and how much you want to make it happen. Which I suppose is a sort of magic.

I returned to that graveyard on one of my first days back in the city to circle the X’s I’d written. And I found that someone had left Tarot cards as an offering. One of the cards that captivated me was the Queen of Swords, represented on this deck by Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction. She looks scary and fierce, but she only hurts evil things. She destroys the things which would want to hurt or destroy us. I took the card and have kept it with me ever since. I hoped that it was a sign, that I was going to become stronger. Like Kali, nothing could ever hurt her. This was the card:

kali queen of swords

Now, returning to this city once again to live, I left my own Tarot cards at the grave. Maybe some wandering soul will happen upon them and take a card that means something to them.


I didn’t draw anymore X’s on the grave. I don’t need vodou magic. I am going to make all the things I dream happen. From the small things- Write every day. Read Tarot in Jackson Square. Submit an article to NolaVie. Play violin in the Quarter. To larger things.- Publish a book. Join the Peace Corps. Be a family to someone who doesn’t have one. Start a program or shelter for girls like me. One day give back to all the people who helped me along the way.

Today is a new beginning. Everything is going to be amazing from now on, if I make it so for myself and focus on being a positive presence in this world.


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